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Below is a link to a Request Form for Use of Church Facilities or the Church Van

1.  Any individual (church member or non-member), or
    group asking to use church facilities MUST COMPLETE
    the request form. The online form is preferred, but
    paper forms are available from the church office.

2. Please submit the form at least two weeks prior to
    the date facilities are to be used.

3. The church office will notify you whether or not your            request has been approved.

4. Please list a first and second choice of dates for
    your planned event.

5. Activities are to be limited to the specific facility
    area(s) approved for your use.

6. When child care is provided within church facilities, you        will be required to adhere to published church policy
    and guidelines (available in the church office
    upon request).

7. There may be a fee for facility use.

8. Events that are in conflict with Central Baptist Church's        doctrinal positions and practices will not be approved.

9. No smoking or use of alcoholic beverages are allowed
    on church property.

10. Person requesting use of the facility is responsible for

     cleaning (vacuuming, mopping if needed, and putting

     things back as found. This responsibility also includes

     making sure the building is properly locked and keys

     returned to main office.  

Request Form
Requesting the use of
Did you read the rules above?

Thanks for submitting!

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